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Are you a Builder, Property Developer, Designer or Architect looking for real estate photography in melbourne?


We Shoot Buildings focuses on getting the right angles of your unique:

• Building exteriors

• Building interiors

• Outdoor Entertainment Area’s

• Recently Completed Building Projects

• Architecturally Designed Homes

• Kitchens

• Bathrooms

• Pools

• Landscaped Gardens

• Unique Building Projects


Worried About Your Project Being Photographed Properly?

Are your worried about showing off your latest project properly?

It’s not a problem. This is all we do.

We focus 100% on creating amazing portfolio’s of your projects for you so that you can attract new customers to your business.

A good real estate photography company in melbourne that understands the building industry is RARE.

Churn & Burn

Because real estate photographers are all working for real estate agents which is a very churn and burn industry. It’s not uncommon for them to be photographing up to 5-10 properties per day and rush through the projects hour by hour.

We know we used to be one of them until we got sick of having to rush our work. Instead we wanted to slow down and really focus on quality photography.

A Company Foccused On The Building & Construction Industry Only

We Shoot Buildings has stepped away from this hustle and bustle of the real estate industry to focus on quality photography for builders, property developers, designers and architects only.

We Shoot Buildings will spend far more time with you discussing exactly what your really want to show off, what’s unique about your projects, so that you can showcase your quality work and really use your portfolio of work to attract the type of new clients you really want to work with.

We Shoot Buildings your local real estate photography in melbourne is ready to discuss your project today.

Direct Access To A Professional Photographer

If you give us a call you wont find a reception or anything like that because you will be contacting an experienced photographer directly that can educate you on the spot, on things you can do, to get the maximum result you can, before a photograher even arrives.

What You Need To Know Before Photographer Arrives

We’ll teach you exactly what you’ll need to know before you order any photography.

2 Important Issues such as:

When the best time of day will be to photograph your project (hint: every project is different)


What you need to do (and more importantly what you don’t need to do), to prepared your project before the photographer arrives – and we can talk directly with the owner of the building for you as well if they have already moved in.

There are many things to consider before ordering real estate photography that only an experienced project real estate photography melbourne company will know so that you dont waste your time onsite.

Call Us Now

Call us for a chat so we can help you get your latest project photographed and in front of your customers pronto, so you can attract new business immediately.

If your ready to go right away go to our Photography Package Page by clicking the link and ordering your package or call us to arrange invoice terms.

Written By Grant Kennedy

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  1. thanks for the article its important to get some great photography done before putting it onto your website there’s no doubt. can make a real difference to your reputation I think.

  2. I have been doing my own photography for years until I met you guys. You have made a big improvement in my pictures and sales. I can’t thank you enough for all of the work you have done for me.

    1. thanks for the comments, and I look forward to discussing your website design needs next week as well, im very confident we can get some great results for you on that front too, with the advantage of future project we photograph for you, we put them onto your website automatically for free, as part of the website service we provide, so hopefully you find that to be an attractive feature to our service also. thanks again, talk next wee, .

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