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Hi Grant,

Thanks for sending these photographs through – they look really great. Very happy with them thankyou.

Thank you Grant – They look great again!

Thanks Grant, These photographs look great!

Thanks Grant, the photographs came out really well, thanks for all your help.

Thanks Grant these images look awesome, I can’t wait to see if we can win the awards.

The photos look fantastic, thanks for all your good work!

Hi Grant,
Thanks for the other night and all the shots look great!

Thanks for your help, really happy with how the photographs  have come up!

Thanks Grant! The photography looks great!

Grant thanks again for your prompt hard work and fantastic photo’s, they look great yet again!

Rosalie From Urban Sensations1Rosalie From Urban Sensations

Tom Grieve Testimonial

Thanks Grant
I think the images are fantastic, thanks for all you hard work on this.
Thanks for sending these through.  I am very happy with your work and have made just made the payment of the balance of the invoice.  Of course if I have the opportunity to refer work your way I am more than happy to do so.
Wow photos look fantastic!!!
Thanks grant

We have now noticed we are getting enquiries for higher spec’d jobs, and from people that have money to spend as opposed to bargain hunters, and I know this is largely

because of the work you have done tailoring our website to the higher end of the market…so thank you.

We are very happy.

Getting great inquiries for new homes on acreage and also sloping sites at the moment, so your tweaks a few weeks ago, they are certainly being noticed.

Thank you.

Grant.  Thanks for 33 george photo’s.  You make a shabby house looks so nice. You are a Legend!

Thanks Shiuann

Hi Grant,
Nice to see you too.
I am very happy about the photos. & amazed to see all the stickers on the wall removed.
Thank you so much. Seems you are used to shooting interiors. I did the right thing choosing you.
Again I am so happy with your job.

Thank you so much Grant,
Both Merna and I really appreciate your excellent work and we’re extremely happy with everything you’ve done for us.
Chat soon.

Hi Grant

Thank you so much for the photos – they are fantastic!


Nicole and Stephen

Dear Grant and the team

It has now been about 4 months since our new website went live, and I just wanted to let you know that it has been a great success.

As you know, this website was a replacement for an outdated site that was just not doing anything for us. The enquiries that we had been getting from our old website were for low end, low budget work that we prefer not to do. So when we spoke to you about a marketing strategy to engage the right sort of clients for our business, you were able to advise us on, not only a great web design that reflected a professional image for our business, but you also spent many hours perfecting the back end of our site, and ensured that our keyword strategy was aligned to our business goals.

Since the new site has been live, we have noticed that we are getting enquiries for really high quality building work, from people that have adequate funds to spend on this work, as opposed to the ‘bargain hunters’ that our old website generated, and I know this is largely because of the work you have done tailoring our website to the higher end of the market…so thank you.

Your service was efficient and any questions or changes that I requested were responded to promptly. Even the few little road bumps that inevitably occur during the design of a custom website, were handled with no delay. Your guidance and advice was highly valued and we frequently receive compliments about the architectural photography that you did for the website. We will certainly be in touch when our current project is ready for photography.


Yours sincerely,

Colette Stewart
Office Manager

Download the full official testimonial sent here:

Wayne Stewart Builder.doc

These days it is a must for every business to have a website which creates as many leads as possible. This means it needs to be found on google otherwise you are waisting your time. The next challenge once someone has landed on your page is to get them to get in contact with you. This is done by a professional looking website with a clear call to action.  Grant from We Shoot Buildings understands all this, he takes simply breathtaking pictures of your property,  builds the most professional websites and makes sure they are found in google. A true professional who thrives on giving his clients outstanding results.

Mate just saw the emails.. Ur work is simply amazing!! Love the pics and i’m sure my real estate agent will be very pleased too. Thanks heaps. I would highly recommend your services to others and will be happy to be used as a reference point. Also feel free to leave some visiting cards at our property during open inspections because we are extremely pleased with the photographs and as a thank you for the quick turn around it’s the least we could do.


“We Shoot Buildings are great photographers and talented web designers to match. They have great ability and taste in photography and web design, but above that I would say they really understood what we needed as a new constuction company. That was to provide a base for our customers to be able to see what we are a capable of, instead of just taking our word for it. Seeing results of our latest projects in front of our customers eye’s is very convincing and an important part of our sales pitch for new business. What we needed to achieve was great photography and a great website to present it with. It will play a big part in my company getting new projects over the line in the future.”

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