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Project Portfolios Built for Your Building Company

Your building company may already have quite a few projects already under its belt, but just like any business, you have your eye on continued growth. You do this by both attracting new customers and getting valuable repeat business from previous happy clients.

Having a professional project portfolio will help you to do both, by showcasing projects that you’ve completed in the past.

We Shoot Buildings has a reputation for creating project portfolios that highlight the best work of builders, in a way that will help to convert a potential customer into a contracted client.

Why a portfolio is important

This may seem very simple, but having something to show for your company and its efforts is imperative, especially in the competitive construction industry. A portfolio will allow you and your company to be recognised for your projects, and you will be able to grow your business at the same time.

Creating an effective portfolio involves a balance. There must be a balance between eye-catching images that showcase what your company has done and can do, as well as eye-catching and engaging text using appropriate fonts and memorable headings. All of these things are combined within a “minimalistic” design.

Get Your Portfolio Under Way

We Shoot Buildings understands how important a well-designed, simple, clean project portfolio is for that business growth. Our team will create a project portfolio that is eye-catching and focused on securing you new, and targetted, clients.

Because we know that few building companies will say ‘no’ to growing their client base, our team is on hand now to explain how we can draw on our expertise in photography and marketing to put together a project portfolio that is just right for you.

Isn’t it time you made this one simple move that will have you stand out from your competitors, to leave your prospective clients with more than your business card?

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Written by Grant Kennedy

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