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As an Interior Designer You May Be Looking For A Photographer in Melbourne that can take great shots of your recent interior design work. Look no further than We Shoot Buildings.

We Shoot Buildings have a range of price options for your photography needs depending on the quality of finish your require.

Ranging from budget photography of which Grant and his team can spend up to 1-2 hours with no extra lighting using typical real estate photography equipment from approx. $300-$500.

Through to spending a full day shooting your project using the highest range of professional photography equipment & interior lighting equipment from approx $3,000-$4,000 for the full day.

For every project Grant will do a detailed consultation with you over the phone on your project to find out what applications you will be using your photography for, whats important to you within the project that you wish to showcase andwill give you the right suggestions and advice on how your can achieve the best results for your budget.

Grant Kennedy and his team at We Shoot Buildings has over 7 years and 3000+ different interiors experience.

Why is experience important? – Dealing with interior photography is not easy, it’s not like working in a studio where you control the light perfectly. Our experience means we’ll know exactly how to deal with your interiors because it’s likely we’ve photographed with similar interior colors, materials and fabrics and can control the natural lighting situations and apply the necessary lighting required to get a beautiful natural result.

Give Grant a call now on 0400825598 to discuss your interior photography needs.

Grant will give you honest recommendations and at the very least you’ll come away with some great suggestions to get the best results in your photography. Call Us on 0400825598.

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