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Professional Real Estate Photographer: Melbourne Builders Use Photos To Attract The Right Clients

Professional Real Estate Photographer: Melbourne Builders Use Photos To Attract The Right Clients

Professional Real Estate Photographer: Melbourne Builders Use Photos To Attract The Right Clients

Not too long ago, hunting for a property meant doing legwork and making ocular inspections in order to search for the right home, building, complex or property that may lead to the right contractor. Potential buyers and clients go around neighbourhoods, check out leads, scout for sales signs in the yard of promising properties. If they’ve hired a real estate agent, the first impressions they will have of every potential buy will be based on the descriptions of the seller – property style, size, number of rooms, features, and specifics of other distinguishing elements.
Today’s buyers, on the other hand, have a more accurate and concrete way to find out if a property for sale  or a contractor in question can suit their tastes and preferences, even at least on the aesthetic level. What they do is to simply search Google or request for a photo of the property first before deciding if a site visit is in order. Viewing the images serves as the first step in screening and organising their top choices.
For most real estate builders and construction companies, taking note of this existing trend – the market relying on property photos for their first impressions – is a helpful method for attracting the right buyers and clients. Hiring a professional real estate photographer, Melbourne home builders have realised, is a great investment for boosting their marketing and brand campaign techniques. Several studies have shown how a rising percentage of buyers and investors in real estate consult online photos first before seeking a potential contractor. Taking advantage of the aggressively visual, online and instant search method of most investors today can lead you to most valuable clients that will bring repeat jobs for the company.
Professional real estate photographers can help you attract the right client even before you make your sales pitch or show your project proposal. An impressively curated, well-presented portfolio showcasing your latest projects and highest-rated works can be the first thing that can catch their attention, and eventually hook their interest in finding more about your company. With the visual evidence right in front of their eyes, they can easily envision if the themes they have in mind can be made into reality through your competency, experience, training and capacities. Once you have their interest zeroed onto what you can offer and away from the competition, you can then seize that opportunity to further listen to their needs and see how you can likewise build a picture-perfect property of their own soon.

Grant Kennedy

Owner of We Shoot Buildings & Moderator Of This Forum

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  1. A picture is worth a thousand words they say and yours are worth many more. Any old picture just won’t do now days, you need the best to get people interested and your photographers really know how to take a good picture! 🙂

    1. thanks yeah I have spent a lot of time with my photographers on a regular basis to keep up the consistency and the quality of all our photographs and i’m really proud of what my awesome team achieves sometimes. thanks again

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