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photography offer for builders
photography offer for builders

$$$ New Offers Released To Our Customers $$$

We have decided that from now on we will be running $99 “mid-construction”
photo shoots for building and construction companies to allow them to cheaply
document the stages of their builds.

We will now also be running $99 marketing “discovery” sessions for building
and construction companies running them through a process aimed at expanding
their thinking to attract bigger and more profitable projects to their building
companies and dramatically cut back the number of quotes they have to do to achieve

As an added bonus the profit from the $99 marketing “discovery” sessions will be donated
to my charity of choice which I always like to give to and that is Headspace which is a leading
National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

It is a bit of a scary for our business to go this cheap for these new product offerings but
we’ll continue to monitor this decision and let you know how it is going and how our clients
are getting value from them.

If your interested in taking us up on our new offers please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Grant Kennedy
We Shoot Buildings
Ph. 0400 82 55 98

Owner of We Shoot Buildings & Moderator Of This Forum

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