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Aerial Photography – Melbourne Developers’ Valuable Tool In Showcasing Properties

Aerial Photography – Melbourne Developers’ Valuable Tool In Showcasing Properties

French photographer Gaspard-Felix Tournachon is widely recognised as the pioneer in the field of aerial photography, practising it first in 1858. With the improvement in technology and equipment, this type of photography has found applications in a variety of industries including cartography or map-making, surveillance, environmental studies and archaeology.

Aerial photography, Melbourne-based builders and real estate firms should be glad to know, can also be used for a wide variety of purposes related to their industry.

For one, this method of photography can be used to diversify your portfolio related to your projects, enabling you to attract more customers for your business. Second, you can show potential clients the magnitude and size of a particular area that you are trying to develop. By utilising this tool, you can show potential buyers the wonderful vistas they’ll wake up to, even if the project is still in the development stage. Aerial photography is also useful in showing investors and prospective buyers the proximity of a project to important attractions and facilities like shopping malls, schools and hospitals. You can also use this type of photography to provide customers with near-bird’s eye shots of a property’s interior and exterior that would be difficult to achieve with conventional real estate photography. Finally, you can use aerial photography to show project managers, financiers and even potential clients what stage your project is at.

As mentioned earlier, aerial photography has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the use of technology. In Australia, the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones have found wide use in aerial photography, especially in the field of real estate. Initially used in the military, drones have found usage in aerial photography. One of the key features of civilian UAVs is that they resemble remote controlled helicopters instead of airplanes.

One of the advantages of using UAVs is that they allow builders and developers to get high quality photos and videos at a considerably lower cost as compared to hiring a photographer and an aircraft like a helicopter or a light airplane. Second, they are by far more environmentally friendly compared to utilising helicopters and airplanes, especially in terms of fuel consumption as drones use batteries. Third, they are considerably much cheaper. That is one important aspect builders and developers must know as they want to find the most cost-effective method to showcase their projects.

But despite the rise in popularity of drones for aerial photography, Australian authorities have moved in to impose measures to ensure that the safety and privacy of the public are not compromised.

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