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Aerial Photography: Melbourne Property Marketing Tool

Aerial Photography: Melbourne Property Marketing Tool

Property development as a capital intensive business relies heavily on high quality images of real estate, buildings and other types of properties for the purposes of planning, design and marketing. Due to the presence of increasing competition, real estate development and related professions such as architecture, landscaping, surveying and engineering need the unique vantage point of aerial photography. Melbourne home and commercial developers, builders and real estate agents, through the use of captivating aerial photographs, can also generate tremendous interest in completed and on-going projects.

A must-have in a wide range of businesses, aerial photography involves taking high-resolution images with high colour accuracy from, usually, a plane or helicopter.

Benefits of aerial photography in the real estate industry

Planning: Taking to the skies allows professional photographers to capture an overhead view of your land or project, providing you with an accurate picture of the geographical boundaries of land or property that you’re working with. Depending on the techniques used by the photographer, different aspects of the target area are captured, providing the basis for planning real estate development in greater detail.

Monitoring: As an engineer or builder, monitoring the development of your projects is a major responsibility. “Before” and “After” aerial photographs can best illustrate the extent of on-going development, ably supporting construction management.

Marketing and sales: Aerial pictures are unique visual displays that can easily attract the attention of potential buyers. Because of the high quality of the images, aerial photographs boost branding for commercial and high end residential developments. Prospective customers consider a property’s visual appearance as well of its amenities and surrounds before deciding to call you or your sales agents. Aerial images give potential customers the best sense of how a property is situated and the amenities they will be paying for.

When choosing a professional service for aerial photography, Melbourne builders, architects, developers and agents need to consider the skills, experience and equipment of the photographer. Technical concepts such as the type of film, scale, and focal length are essential to the outcome of aerial photography.

“We Shoot Buildings” specialises in photography of buildings and is backed by years of solid experience in aerial photography. Amateur photographs will not enhance your business or its reputation, but investing in professional aerial photography – and experience – can deliver significant returns.

For more information on how affordable aerial photography can be, visit our prices page for information on photography packages that suit your needs.

Written By Grant Kennedy


Owner of We Shoot Buildings & Moderator Of This Forum

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