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Top Tips For Aerial Photography — Melbourne Properties

Top Tips For Aerial Photography — Melbourne Properties

Good pictures entice buyers. And magnificent photos sell. How do you market your Melbourne commercial developments into attractive investments for ideal buyers? Show them the view from above.

Aerial photography is an excellent way to let the properties you’re selling stand out in the market. It creates a kind of exciting appeal because the vantage point allows buyers to get an instantaneous overall look of the property. From multi-million dollar high rises to sprawling commercial blocks, your properties would achieve salability when you hire an agency that does the kind of aerial photography Melbourne buyers find irresistibly appealing. Here are some recommended tips for guaranteeing remarkable pictures taken from the bird’s eye view.

Shoot aerial photos on a perfect time and day. This means, of course, ensuring that weather conditions are very ideal. Avoid cloudy days that might result in less than detailed aerial shots of your property; that is, unless, you’re actually going for a different mood. If your property is located in densely populated areas, try to choose a day when the air quality is better so that your photos don’t have that hazy appearance. If you’re pressed for time and do not have the luxury of waiting around for favourable air quality reports, you could always edit the images with Photoshop.

Save time and money by looking over maps to determine the best areas to photograph. Aerial assignment planning lets you be efficient, preventing you from circling the area for far too long and wasting valuable light in the process. So before hiring your preferred aircraft and pilot, and your professional photographer, schedule a meeting to consider potential landmarks (parks), features (freeways), and other nearby areas of interest (beaches) that could enhance your property.

Hire a reputable company that can offer an alternative to pricey aircraft aerial photography. Just because you need your properties photographed at an elevated view does not mean your only option is to pay for costly high-winged aircrafts like a Cessna, and pilot fees. A creative and highly experienced photography firm will be able to find other affordable solutions to produce appealing aerial photos of your property.

Aerial photography lends a spectacular and appealing quality to your properties. Developers may use them to pre-sell to potential buyers and present amazing views from the balconies of their high rises. Real estate agents may use them to sell to families, highlighting the advantages of living in a dreamy suburban enclave. You may use them for your marketing materials to increase the impact, and therefore, salability of your properties. For whatever purpose, aerial photographs of properties create multiple benefits. Use it today.


Written by Grant Kennedy

Owner of We Shoot Buildings & Moderator Of This Forum

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