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Who is the best Architectural Photographer in Melbourne? What you need to know!

Architectural Photography has an amazing ability to show the vision of the architect and the resulting completed building in the best way possible.

It is because of this that architectural photography is a very sought after talent. But to give 1 photographer the title of being the best architectural photographer in melbourne isn’t exactly possible. Photography styles vary differently from photographer to photographer and the answer is in the eye of the beholder based on the taste of that particular individual looking at the photograph. Your individual taste has been ingrained in them for years as they grow up and from their different experiences.

So in this case you could say the best photographer is decided by you and only you. But I think you need to go 1 step further and consider much more before deciding who is the photographer for you.

While yes your job right now is to perhaps look at all the different architectural photographers available in your area –  while you do this you need to keep in mind exactly what you are trying to “achieve” for your own project – and decide for yourself which architectural photographer you can find that best suits the need for your project.

So….with that in mind what is the end goal for your photographs?

What are you trying to achieve for your business with your photographs?

Often the goal of the architect will actually be to add the photographs to your portfolio with the ultimate goal for it to help you to impress new leads. So that in the end it will help you to convert them into clients.

If this is the case, then I suggest that you take a deep look into exactly what you need to show to your leads to impress them in this way.

Perhaps, first, you need to think back to the common questions your get over and over again from customers when you first meet them and ask your photographer to address these points in your photographs.

For example’s sake perhaps your customers are always interested in having high ceilings throughout the project.

You must ensure the best architectural photographer in melbourne FOR YOU is the one that listens to your needs very carefully, in this case, the photographer that listen’s and understands the importance to show the high ceilings in your projects and does a good job of showcasing these for you.

Therefore it is my belief that the best photographer in melbourne is the photographer that listens to you carefully, takes the time to understand your needs as an architect and business owner, and then does their best job to achieve the outcome you need for your business.

Owner of We Shoot Buildings & Moderator Of This Forum

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