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What Makes Great Melbourne Architectural Photography?

While the man-in-the-street may not always appreciate the art of architecture, professionals who specialise in Melbourne architectural photography, like our We Shoot Buildings team, do. We take into account the various lines and parallel features of a building, incorporate its surrounds, and find the best possible angle or positions from which to photograph.

Just as the original architect would have considered every curve and angle of the building so too will the photographer who specialises in capturing the perfect architectural image.

The need for professional architectural photographs?

Photographs are good for business. With the use of architectural photography Melbourne businesses can benefit from an image of the building worked in, or on, providing a point of reference for customers and contacts. Exterior and interior shots are often used for real estate purposes, capturing high-quality images of Melbourne homes for sale, rental properties or commercial buildings. Aerial shots can be highly advantagous for hotel and resort owners, and in the Melbourne community with photographs of schools, churches etc. They can also prove useful for engineers, contractors and landscapers needing photographs of excavation and work sites etc.

Challenges faced by the photographer

Providing great architectural photography is a more complex process that you might assume. There are many challenges faced by the photographer as they need the perfect weather and lighting in order to achieve their perfect shot. They also need to time (or wait for) the desired amount of traffic and parked vehicles, passers-by and workers coming and going. The better these conditions are, the less retouching and post production work will be needed to create the final image.

What makes a good architectural photograph?

The basis of what makes a good architectural photograph changes with what the image is used for. A great photograph of a holiday resort, for example, will not only show the main building at its best angle but also depict the surrounding attractions – such as pools and tennis courts. This contrasts markedly when a high quality image of a bank or business is needed – where the building needs to show scale, and where the angles or curves of the architecture are important.

Not only does good Melbourne architectural photography incorporate the needs of the business in question, but also embraces the beauty and art of the architecture.

Learn more about our Melbourne architectural photography services by calling and meeting with Grant about your photography or portfolio marketing needs.

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