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Common Problems About Real Estate Photography Melbourne Property Owners Need To Resolve

Common Problems About Real Estate Photography Melbourne Property Owners Need To Resolve

Images move consumers. The best ones move them to buy the product or service being sold. This is especially evident in real estate photography. When homes look striking in photos, buyers are naturally inclined to go and visit that property. Unfortunately, not all properties are easy to photograph. Some present more challenges than others. To avoid turning challenges into full-on problems, take a look at these common problems to real estate photography and discover appropriate resolutions.

The Dark And Small Interiors

Interior photography can be full of surprises, the most problematic of which could be the apparent compactness or the lack of lighting in certain rooms. Whether it’s the low ceiling and cramped space of a bedroom or the fluorescent lighting in the living room, each unfavourable condition will render unattractive shots for each room.

The key to shooting in cramped quarters is to find the ideal angle that would make it appear larger than it looks. Meanwhile, the answer to the unattractive green effect of fluorescent lighting is to either mix fluorescent light with natural light streaming in from windows or to change the lighting in the room. An established firm specialising in real estate photography Melbourne property owners rely on will be able to address both issues, which should result in interior shots that appear bigger and radiant.

The Lack of Photogenic Features

Some old properties tend to lack desirable features and items that would entice today’s buyers. The kitchen might look dated. The living room might not have enough windows. The lampshades might be broken. These issues need to be dealt with when you don’t have enough money to do a renovation or professional home staging.

You can transform each room by adding more modern items and removing the old ones. You could also rearrange furniture or stage the room that is being shot to make it look more photogenic. Seasoned real estate photographers will have an eye for what looks better through the lens to turn your less than perfect spaces into picture perfect images for buyers.

The View That Doesn’t Sell

Magnificent exterior shots can increase the chances of your property being sold. Home buyers looking in suburban neighbourhoods will want spacious yards and lots of green space. Property buyers looking in cities will want lofts and apartments with appealing views. In the absence of perfect views, focus on other features of the property using the best possible light.

Attract buyers by choosing the ideal times to shoot. Your real estate photos do not have to be all daytime shots. Evening shots can turn a small suburban property with strategic and hypnotically appealing lighting and condominiums surrounded by other lit-up buildings into glamorous addresses.

For every problem, there is a solution. Don’t let the small problems turn your home into an undesirable property in photos. Use these easy solutions and sell your property today.


Written by Grant Kennedy from We Shoot Buildings

Owner of We Shoot Buildings & Moderator Of This Forum

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