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Real Estate Photography – Melbourne Builders’ Vital Tool For Selling Properties

Real Estate Photography – Melbourne Builders’ Vital Tool For Selling Properties

The Internet has become an indispensible tool in both the work and life aspects of many people. For example, many prospective home buyers initially turn to the World Wide Web to do research, view houses out in the market, and make informed decisions in purchasing a house. Suffice it to say that the web has altered consumer habits.

For builders, too, the Internet is an invaluable tool to attract more clients. By showcasing their works through professional real estate photography, Melbourne builders and construction firms are given a leg up against their competitors.

When you make an online listing for a property, you want to showcase it in the best light possible. Using professional photographs will ensure that website visitors will read the details regarding it and not gloss over it and go to the next listing. Among the other benefits of using quality photographs that seasoned real estate agents have seen are increased enquiries, increased click-through rates of online listings, and properties selling for higher prices. In the hands of an amateur, even the most stunning of homes can look lacklustre. Conversely, at the hands of an expert, a simple home can look better.

Think of showing off your property through a photograph as an act of making a good first impression. Do it right and you’ve hurdled one step towards making a sale. To a certain extent, real estate photography is akin to home staging, with the idea of making the property attractive to a large number of potential buyers. You would want your photographer to capture the right angles of your property’s exterior and interior, the kitchen, bathrooms, landscape gardens, and outdoor entertainment areas including the pool. For condominiums and apartments, it is a good idea to show off amenities like the gym, the clubhouse or the pool.

In order to assist the photographer and ensure that he takes great shots of the property, it is a good idea to ensure that both the exterior and the interior are clutter-free. This means ensuring that the house is spotless. Also, by creating more space, you are mentally preparing prospective buyers for the idea of moving in. When it comes to furnishing a home for photography or staging, steer clear of paintings or furnishing that may put off potential buyers. It is a good idea to use those that are neutral with the idea being that you want to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

When you have all the photographs, it is a good idea to upload your photos on photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa. Online listing sites vary in the number of photographs they allow to be uploaded for each advert. While it is prudent to use the property’s best photos, it can be helpful to provide links to a photo-sharing site so that potential buyers can see your other pictures.

Article written by Grant Kennedy of We Shoot Buildings.

Owner of We Shoot Buildings & Moderator Of This Forum

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