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Productivity tip to get your graphic design brief right for your building company brochures

Making a brochure for your building or construction company is essential you must take to:

  • stand out from your competitors
  • create a professional level of credibility
  • build rapport with your potential customer
  • & help to make your product or service tangible, instead of an idea

A great way to do this is by using a tool called Jing which you can download for free by clicking this link

Its an extremely simple and time effective screen and voice capture tool that allows you clearly voice your instructions for alterations etc, like you will see i’m doing for one of our own graphic designer Jacinta in the example below.

Any building and construction company out there that has been through the painful frustration of trying to email a detailed brief through with your great visions and days later receiving an output from your graphic designer that is completely different from what you wanted will find this tip saving you time and frustrations.

Its free, cheap, extremely quick and easy to do, so you have no excuses, download it and start emailing video’s to your designer to get yourself far better results for your marketing collateral.


Below is an example of a video that I created for our designer to get a small tweak done to a brochure cover we are working on for myself at the moment. Click on the image below to view.

(hint: dont forget to turn your phone on silent before you try one for yourself like I forgot to do, you’ll see what I mean at the end of the video)

video placeholder


Written by Grant Kennedy

Owner of We Shoot Buildings & Moderator Of This Forum

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