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How To Select An Expert In Architectural Photography – Melbourne-Based Firms’ Cheat Sheet

How To Select An Expert In Architectural Photography – Melbourne-Based Firms’ Cheat Sheet

Master story tellers often advise novices with the simple adage of “Show, don’t tell.” In the same manner, architectural firms can list down all the projects they have handled and boast of all the design awards and accolades they have earned, but by utilising architectural photography, Melbourne firms can tell a more compelling story, winning more clients along the way.

In a competitive environment, building a stunning portfolio of past projects can help your firm stand out from the competition. But how does one go about choosing the right photographer to tell one’s story?

In showcasing structures, it takes a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic vision to ensure that the project is shown in its best light. As such, there are several steps involved in finding a photographer who can provide stunning photos.

One of the first things you have to do is to determine the specific purpose you intend to use the end product for. Architectural photographs may be used as part of an online or offline portfolio that you can show to potential clients. Some firms may use them for documentation while others can use them for advertisements. The right photograph can also give you a unique advantage when you intend to participate in a design competition. You, too, can use these pictures when you want your project portrayed in the best light in trade journals or blogs. During this time, it is best to determine which particular aspects of building you would want to highlight.

Architectural photography is a specialised niche that requires different equipment and training as compared to portraiture or wedding photography. As such, you would want to turn to a photographer who has years of experience and expertise in this particular field. One good way to produce a prospective list of potential photographers is to look at architectural digests and similar trade journals. If a particular photograph captures your attention, find the name and contact details of the lensman and get in touch with him to see his portfolio. Alternatively, many expert photographers have built for themselves online portfolios which you can view even before you get in touch with them.

Once you have narrowed down your list of prospective photographers, it is now time to communicate your specific needs as well as the budget you have allotted for this particular project. This will allow the photographer to give you an initial estimate of how much the project will cost you. Of course, as with any other industries involved with creativity, the professional fee charged does not reflect expertise. However, note that factors like experience, training or even stature within the industry can have a bearing on a photographer’s professional fee. In choosing which photographer to hire, consider these aspects — find a balance between your needs and budget along with the quality of the output the photographer shows through his own portfolio.

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