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Better Architectural Photography Melbourne Property Sellers Can Use

Better Architectural Photography Melbourne Property Sellers Can Use

Sometimes, all it takes to create a breathtaking photo is to wait for certain elements to converge. Waiting for the light to cast a shadow, waiting for people to walk into the frame, waiting for the skies to clear up — all these and more can have a powerful impact on your architectural photos. Whether it’s the interior shots of a corporate office or the exterior shots of a retail store along a commercial avenue, you’ll want your architectural picture to deliver maximum influence over your intended market. To help you achieve this, consider the following guidelines.

Plan it out. You might not be aware of every single area and feature in your property that could create an interesting picture so plan out the shots by exploring your building and/or commercial space. Take note of rooms and spaces that would best represent your property, from the inside and out. When doing exterior shots, plan ahead by knowing the weather conditions. When perfect conditions are not going to occur within your schedule, you may consider opting for post-production on some of the images. This is a process best applied by a firm that specialises in the kind of architectural photography Melbourne businesses trust.

Look for a striking point of view. Eye-catching focal points lend your architectural photos dynamism. You’ll want to look for repetitive elements, from patterns and forms. You’ll want to look for balance. You’ll want symmetrical composition that creates drama and impact.

Break up the symmetry where possible. Contrasting shapes, lines, forms, and colours, particularly for interior shots, can create unforgettable architectural photos. For instance, a circular staircase in an angular shot or a vivid and colourful outdoor sculpture against a steel structure would work.

Use different lighting conditions for different moods. Light, in any type of photography, adds depth and evokes a distinct impression. Whether it’s natural or artificial lighting, use it strategically.

Find that sensational shot. What makes your property exceptional over all other properties? What is that one perfectly breathtaking feature or space that would create a postcard-worthy image? Find out which features and spaces could best represent your property. Consider how certain palaces, man-made structures, and landmarks allow tourists to immediately recall their names just by looking at one photo.

Architectural photography helps you market and advertise your properties in a powerful way. Use the abovementioned guidelines and guarantee maximum impact for your interior and exterior photos today.




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