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How To Choose Your Architectural Photographer: Melbourne Builders’ Tips

How To Choose Your Architectural Photographer: Melbourne Builders’ Tips

A growing interest and demand for architectural photographer services has long been noted by real estate experts since real estate websites required posting photos for every listing, and the effort earned a good response from visitors. Since then, not just property buyers, but also investors and financiers in the building and construction industries have learned that screening potential partners on the basis of their photographed project portfolio helps them save time and further informs their decision-making process.

For building and construction companies wanting to see more growth and development in their business, investing in the services of an architectural photographer can bring great returns in terms of increasing market interest and brand awareness. A highly-skilled architectural photographer, Melbourne experts say, can help you create a portfolio of works that will inform and educate potential clients about the range of your projects and your capabilities. Most importantly, if the photos are impressive enough, they can convince potential clients or at least pique their interest into knowing more about how you can work on their next project, too.

With so many shutterbugs turning to the highly in-demand business of architectural photography, how will you be able to tell which one will deliver what you need? Here are some guidelines.
It’s best to work with companies with their own set of professional equipment. This can mean that they are serious enough about the craft to invest on the best tools, and that they had a good client history that allowed them to fund their equipment needs. Having high-quality equipment likewise translates to better-looking shots, thanks to the state-of-the-art camera, high resolution and variety of lenses and accessories. It also means having more means to make photos even more perfect using post-production systems.

Your photographer should have the right artistic and technical skills required for professional photography, but it will also help if they have a background or basic understanding of how marketing works. You’re not looking for an artist (but of course, you won’t refuse if photos of your projects are so stunning they can be displayed in an art gallery). What you need is someone with advanced photography skills and sufficient knowledge of how these skills can be utilised in helping you enhance your brand or campaign for your business.

Your photographer should be a good team player and have work ethics that matches yours. You may be spending precious work hours with your photographer to take pictures of your projects and create a portfolio out of them; you’ll be working side-by-side, from going to the locations to editing the final output. Having someone who is willing to work with you to help you realise or enhance your vision will have a huge positive effect on the finished product.

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